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Tips to Choose Atlanta's Best Roofers

The roof on your house not only provides security to your family and belongings, it also enhances the appeal of your property. You need a leak proof and durable roof that also appeals aesthetically. But a roof is not just an assembly of tiles; it is more than that. The basic framework, the type of tiles, the arrangement of tiles, the gutter, chimney, chimney cap et all come into play while installing and repairing a roof. It calls for good worksmanship to come out with a roof that is durable, leak proof, can withstand storm damage, can drain rain water properly and also appeals aesthetically. You need a good roofer with years of experience and skilled manpower to get such a roof on your house. It is better to go through a list of Atlanta’s best roofers to select the best one for your house. While selecting a roofer you need to keep a tab on the following points.

Choose a Local, Reputed and Long Term Contractor

It makes sense to choose a local Alpharetta roofing contractor, although just operating locally should not be your criteria for selection. It should be local and have an established business. It also needs to have a reputation in the area for good worksmanship for a long time. Though most roofers will offer you a standard five-year warranty, there is no guarantee that the roof will not develop problems within this period. If it starts leaking or if there is a storm damage, you need emergency repair. A local company may be compelled to attend the emergency, but others may have the alibi of distance and time. Moreover, the roofer may also cease to exist five years down the line or may move to a different place. The warranty offered by a company matters only when the company exists. So look for one that is local, reputed and serving the area for a long time.

Insurance for Workers is a Must

If the company has not insured its workers against death and disability, you are vulnerable to litigation by the workers or their families. You may need to pay a hefty amount to pay for their compensation against death, disability or grievous injury, if any. So the contractor must cover its workers against unforeseen circumstances, and you need to make sure that it has done so. Otherwise, it is better not to go for the roofer even if it is one of Atlanta’s best roofers. To confirm the matter you can also call the insurance carrier and ask him or her if the insurance is still valid or not. 

Beware of Storm Chasers

They are there, roaming you area with a pickup truck and searching for vulnerable houses. They may just come knocking on your door and ask you if you are aware of the storm damage to your roof. People are really scared of storm damage to roof and they readily agree to sign a letter of intent. It is about your intent to employ them to repair the roof. But they are like bubbles in the bucket. You can’t catch them if the roof develops problems. However, if the roofer has got a good referral from a number of inhabitants in the locality then you can consider it.

Don’t Fall for Low Prices

Roof replacement or repair can be tricky and needs skilled workmen. Skilled workmen come for a price. Now add the element of insurance to it and you get a hefty amount. All these make roof repair or replacement a costly affair. So if a roofer is trying to lure you with low budget, don’t fall for it. It is just a trick to bag a contract. You may get a substandard job. The roof may require a complete overhaul in few years down the line and that may bring your expenditure to a par with or more than a good initial job. So don’t at all fall for low prices even if it is a Alpharetta roofing contractor.

The Contract Must be Specific and Detailed

You need to sign a contract, and the detail of the job needs to be written in it. Although most of Atlanta’s best roofers would do a thorough job with the contract, you must also be careful about the wordings and scope of work mentioned in it. This is your document to authoritatively ask the roofer to complete a specific job scrupulously, if it does not want to do that. This also determines the amount you need to pay to the roofer. So there must not be any lacuna in the description of jobs that need to be done to repair or replace your roof.


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